About Dr. Ross

drJoy1Dr. Joy Ross completed medical school in Maine with a degree in Osteopathic Medicine, which emphasizes the connection between mind and spirit. How is a Osteopathic Medicine practitioner (DO) different from a Medical Doctorate practitioner (MD)? Click here to read more. 

She completed her residency and fellowship in Child and Adult Psychiatry at the Medical College of Pennsylvania. After 10 years of work in the Philadelphia area as the director of a 40-bed adolescent inpatient unit, where she taught residents psychiatry and maintained an active outpatient practice, Dr. Ross moved to Charlotte to be closer to family.

With a dream of starting a small integrative medicine private practice, Dr. Ross completed training in acupuncture and functional medicine. What is functional medicine? Click here to read more.

Dr. Ross understands the busy lifestyle of parenting and a career quite well. Her first child came with her to medical school, and she added two more to her brood by the time she completed her training.

Dr. Ross now practices integrative psychiatry from a cozy office on Caswell Road, Charlotte, NC. She continues to be open to new options for individual patient care.